As a college student, most of my spare time is... non-existant, actually. It's filled with club meetings, homework, studying for tests, cleaning my apartment, trying to spend time with friends, and catching up on The Office.

However, when I do get some spare time there are a few go-to activities that I really love.

Scrabble (and other, lesser board games)


I am a Scrabble freak. I'm not ashamed to admit it. And the worst part about it is that I'm crazy competitive, too, so there are few people who are willing to play with me more than once.

Luckily, I have a go-to group of friends who are just as nuts about Scrabble as I am, and are willing to play whenever they have a spare couple of hours. I'm not the best player, especially compared to my hyper-competitive game-mates, but I win a fair number of games, so that keeps me going.

I like other board games, but my favorites are word-based games like Balderdash. I'm kind of an English/Literature dork, so words are my thing. I'm a force to be reckoned with in those kinds of games.

So if you're ever up for a match, call me and I will be there. Just watch out--I'm a champion.

Going to the Gym


The first time I went to a gym was in the 10th grade. I was weirded out and intimidated, especially because I'm not what one would call "athletic." So through most of high school I avoided going to the gym like the plague. I thought, this isn't for me, this is weird and uncomfortable, why are those giant men making strange noises as they lift those heavy things above their heads, etc.

But last year at UF I sucked it up and decided that if I wanted to avoid the 'Freshman 15' I was going to have to at least attempt to exercise on a regular basis. So I dragged my friend Jessica with me and we started our own regimen of cardio and weight training.

Over the summer I was going to the gym by my house in Lake Mary, Fla., about 5 or 6 times a week because my work schedule gave me a lot of time for that. Now that school's started again it's been tougher, but I'm happy to say I make it around 3 times per week. My favorite thing to do is lift free weights, even though my girly arms can't do that much. But I have gotten stronger, so I'm proud of that.



Now, don't get me wrong: I'm not some culinary expert. But baking and cooking is a lot of fun, and I try to find the time to do it when I can. Healthy eating is really important to me, so one of my favorite things to do is to find new ways to cook healthy foods--like a new way to season grilled chicken or some awesome veggie stir-fry.

Recently I carved a very small pumpkin in the spirit of Halloween (I carved a unicorn onto it, by the way) and kept the seeds to roast. Just wash those seeds off, let them dry overnight, and bake them in the oven with olive oil and salt... delicious.

My roommates and I are also big fans of most breakfast foods. When we have time--usually on weekends--we make waffles in our 'Hello Kitty'-shaped waffle iron. I've just recently gotten into baking, and I'm trying out a pumpkin bread recipe soon that will be (I hope) the stuff dreams are made of.