About: My Life in Context

There are some important people and things in my life that definitely deserve a place on this Web page. On this page, you'll find a little info about them.

My Friends and Family

In a little town just north of Orlando lives the Marty family. They're silly, they're sarcastic, and they've got great hearts.

My dad, Rodger, owns his own property management business, Atrium Management Company. He's also the former president of Semiole Soccer Club. As a former soccer player my dad loves being around soccer as much as possible. Fortunately for him (and unfortunately for my mother) we receive Fox Soccer Channel with our cable lineup.

My mom, Debbie, works with my dad at Atrium. She's a really cool lady who is talented with arts and crafts. When I was in 8th grade she taught a decoupage elective at my school and all the kids thought she was awesome. We still have some of the stuff she made in that class in our house.

My parents are hilarious people.

My little brother, Andy, is a sophomore at Lake Mary High School. He's on the soccer team and in Mu Alpha Theta. We are very different, but we share a couple of similar interests, such as computers and stand-up comedy.

During the school year I'm lucky enough to live with three of my best friends: Alli, Laurie, and Jessica.

Alli and I went to high school together, but it was a lucky stroke of fate that we became roommates. Alli is a history major who loves working out, crafts, and scuba diving.

Laurie is a chemistry major, but what she really majors in are church, swing dancing, and procrastination. Laurie can put off work like nobody's business. She's a staff member with the Wesley Foundation, a UF Methodist organization. She's also in the swing dancing club and travels all over the state to dance.

Jessica is a math major and former competitive artistic roller skater. She's an initiate of Phi Sigma Pi co-ed fraternity, and she loves Law and Order: SVU and ice cream. Jessica is hilarious and has no problems accompanying me on my various adventures.

My School

The story of how I arrived at UF is mildly interesting. I wasn't originally going to go here, but now I'm a Gator and I wouldn't have it any other way.

If I'm being honest (and I am, don't worry), UF was not my first choice school. My first choice was NYU and, while I was accepted, I didn't get enough scholarship money to attend. So it was off to UF! I was bummed at first about NYU, but after a month or so at UF I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. They say that your college becomes a part of you, and I think that's definitely true.

So I'm here, and I'm happy, and I feel so lucky to go to a school that offers me so much, so many resources. Next summer I hope to study abroad, which I would never be able to afford if I was taking out loans for school. In conclusion: I love UF, and it rules.