Places to visit


Attraction: Every weekend there is a small carnival that the town organizes and everyone in the town participates. The carnival is called Bumba- Meu- Boi, though the peak time to see this carnival is in June, the carnival goes on all summer. The people of the town get dressed up in beautiful costumes and put on dances fpr the entire community. The town comes alive at night and sparkles with all the beautiful people and music that is going on all around the city.

Travel: If you visit Sao Luis you must go to Las Lencois Marahenses. It is known as one of the ten most beautiful places by travel TV. Las Lencois is located an hour outside of the city but is worth every minute spent traveled. It is right on the outskirts of the Amazon and is practically in the middle of no where. After you take an hour bus ride you must rent a jeep to finish the last trek of the ride.
The jeep takes you off roading through the wilderness until you reach a small canal. From there you take a short boat ride and then one more jeep ride to what looks like a huge sand mountain.
When you reach the top of the mountain you finally see what all the fuss is about. Las Lencois is a naturally made sand dune that has water entrapped in the center. The sand is as soft as silk and beautifully white. The water is the clearest of blue and is large enough to go swimming in. I recommend to everyone who goes to Sao Luis to take the time to see this natural beauty.

Activites: There are many beautiful beaches in Sao Paulo. Most are only a 10 minute cab ride from the historical center. The sand is white and the water is a deep blue. There are many restaurants and hotels right on the beach for tourist to enjoy.


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