I studied abroad in Brazil in the summer of 2007. It was a very interesting trip because I had never been to South America. I went with the University of South Florida and had quite a unique experience. We were sent to Sao Luis, Brazil which is in the North Eastern part of the country. I was told that it was a very exotic part of Brazil and I would be able to learn all about the Brazilian culture.

When I arrived I was extremely surprised to see how poor the city was. The state that Sao Luis is in is Maranhao, which is the poorest state in all of Brazil. After adjusting to my surrounding I fell in love with this quaint town. The people in Sao Paulo are some of the most welcoming people you will ever encounter. The town may be small but it is full of life. I recommend to anyone visiting Brazil to make a stop in this uncharted city because it will be an experience of a lifetime

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