My travels

My boyfriend and me in Salerno

Traveling to Italy with people from Campus Crusade for Christ was the most worthwhile thing I ever have done. I went on a mission trip, which Crusade calls a summer project, to Salerno, Italy. Salerno is so breathtakingly beautiful. The picture was taken from the backyard of the hotel we stay at while in Salerno. I fell in love with the people and culture in this small town in southern Italy. The pace of life is much slower than it is in America. People will take the time to sit and talk to you.

A typical day in Salerno would start with breakfast and a group bible study, cultural training, or time of worship. At around 11, the group would catch the bus to the University of Salerno campus. After the half-hour-long bus ride, we would break off in groups of two or three to start initiating conversation with Italian students. We would first ask them, “Parli inglese?” which means, “Do you speak English?” If we were able to understand each other, then we would delve into a conversation with them, trying to lead the discussion to the Gospel.

Soularium is an evangelism tool that was a group favorite. Soularium is a set of 50 photos that we would show students and ask them questions about. The photos are of random things: a path in a forest, a family, a baby bird in a person’s hand. After showing the pictures, we then would ask them questions such as, “Which three describe your life right now?” and, “Which three describe your relationship with God?” It was a great way to get a feel for where students were spiritually.

We were in Italy for a total of five weeks, but only in Salerno for four. We spent the last week traveling around Italy. We also traveled during the weekends while we still were living in Salerno. To learn more about my Italian travels and suggestions on where to visit, visit my What to do page.