What to do in Italy

Me in Capri

I highly recommend visiting the island of Capri and taking a chairlift to the top. The view is unbelievable. I never had seen anything more beautiful. My family visited Capri without me in October 2007, seven months before I went. While they were there, they spread my grandfather's ashes under a tree at the top. My dad and his two brothers wore Ben Roethlisberger jerseys as they did it, because my grandfather (and the rest of my family) was a Steelers fan. When I visited Capri, I also wore a Roethlisberger jersey and took a picture right by where my grandfather's ashes were spread.

My second favorite place I visited in Italy is Florence. I loved the feel of the city. While in Florence, I recommend going to Ponte Vecchio and walking along the water. Also, shopping in the Florentine markets is an experience that no tourist should miss. It is fun to walk around, taking in the smell from the leather shops as locals yell out their best deals on purses to you. It is even more fun if you buy a purse! After walking around the city, take a break and get some gelato. I don't like ice cream, but I think I fell in love with gelato! Actually, the withdrawal may be too bad. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't try any!