My hobbies

My flag football team

My friends and family are so important to me. I am a loyal person. A couple of my best friends have been with me for over ten years. Once you get to know me, you will find that I love goofing off and laughing. I love to make people laugh by acting ridiculous, because I like to see people smile. The friends I value most are the ones I can laugh uncontrollably with one minute and get advice from the next minute. Between studying, leading bible study for Campus Crusade for Christ, and volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House, I really enjoy spending quality time with friends.

I love sports: playing them, watching them and talking about them. I played soccer for ten years, and it was a very significant part of my life. I was co-captain of my club soccer team with one of my best friends. Our team would go travel out of town every other weekend, because there wasn't good competition in our area. Most of our team had been together since we were 12, and it was amazing when we played together in State Cup Final Four. Now I only play soccer for fun, because I got burned out from playing competitively for so long. I play on Crusade's co-ed intramural team and absolutely love it. I also played on a flag football team with Crusade, which was a lot of fun! While soccer is my favorite sport to play, my favorite sport to watch is football. I am happiest spending my Sundays in the fall watching football. I think I experience a slight depression when football season is over.

Take that information and understand that I am also a complete girly-girl. The only kind of movies I watch are romantic comedies. "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" is my favorite. I love fashion, shopping and dressing up. My favorite TV show is "What Not To Wear." Pink is my favorite color. I vacillate between being entirely jaded about love and and being a hopeless romantic. It depends on the day. Walking contradiction, no?