picture of me

My name is Lauren Micaela Marino. I was born on December 30, 1986 in Alexandria, Virginia. I am currently a senior University of Florida student, who is majoring in journalism, with minors in leadership and education. I still say, “When I grow up, I want to be _______.” You can fill in the blank with a number of different life options, including (but certainly not limited to!) a sports broadcaster, a reporter, a public relations manager and a teacher. I guess I should be grateful that all of these options fall under my college studies. I am telling you all this to illustrate that I do not know where I will be or what I will be doing when I graduate in May. I know God is in charge of my future and will guide me in the right direction.

My faith in Jesus Christ is the thing that defines me. I have been a Christian for over six years, but only made it my number one priority in the past year. I learned that my faith involves having an active relationship with my Savior. Relationships are something that I deeply value, so I wholeheartedly have embraced the fact that God wants to be in relationship with me. Becoming very active in a student organization, Campus Crusade for Christ, has helped me with this. Campus Crusade for Christ has expanded my knowledge of God and been a way to meet some amazing new friends.

Through one of those friends, I realized that I am not what you would call an open book. He told me, “Lauren, I could spend my entire life getting to know you and still not completely understand you.” I call myself “the walking contradiction,” because sometimes I just don’t make sense. Maybe you will figure me out a little more from exploring my page! Have fun! =)