If You Do Go to Geneva, Here are a Few Ideas:

There are many reasons Geneva is a tourist attraction: The United Nations is headquartered there along with many other organizations such as the International Red Cross, European Organization of Nuclear Research, aka CERN, and the World Heath Organization. Also, Geneva has many museums. Old Geneva is City Scene at Nightinteresting to visit just for the culture, and there are numerous hiking trails, skiing and nature related activities in the mountains surrounding Geneva.

Geneva has a variety of restaurants. Keeping in mind that Geneva is one of the most expensive places in the world to live, any meal is going to be expensive. On the upside, Switzerland has yet to join the European Union and still uses the Swiss Frank in lieu of the Euro. So, the currency exchange rates will not necessarily be as bad. While I was there in March, the Swiss Frank had an almost one-to-one ratio with the U.S. dollar, meaning it was not as expensive as it could have been.

Anyway, I highly recommend stopping in for fondue. It's not nearly as big here in the states as over in Geneva, but frankly, it should be. I mean, you dip bread into cheese. How much better could it get? I had it three times in a week. There are also a number of falafel shops. A falafel is the same thing as a gyro, which is a popular Greek dish with lamb and cucumber sauce in a pita &mdash there is other stuff too. There are also many Italian restaurants and pizza shops. For those of you who cannot go without McDonald's, Dominoes or Starbucks -- don't worry, they have those restaurants too. Although I would recommend trying different things.

The museums are definitely a must see while in Geneva. There are art museums, natural history and science museums. Many of the international organizations also manage their own museums. One of my favorite things statue in Genevawas the botanical gardens. It was located near the UN and had very extensive grounds. Unfortunately, when I was in Geneva, many of the plants were still coming out of hibernation from the winter, but it was still a beautifully laid-out area. It must be exquisite in the spring or summer.

I could list many things to do in Geneva, but honestly, I didn't find out about these things by planning or looking them all up beforehand. Ironically, the only thing I did look up I couldn't find. My fiance, Nick, and I just walked through the city ever afternoon, all afternoon. We went a different direction every day, got lost numerous times along the way but discovered statues, buildings, hidden parks, beautiful views, an over-sized chess sets in a local park, a large sundial near the lake, a giant flower clock, the cutest little birds ever and so many other things. Sure you could plan your trip out &mdash but I think the best trips can be the ones that divert from the norm; that allow spontaneity and desire.