Since I was a young child, I have been a traveler. In fact, travel is my number one hobby, and it is the reason that I chose to study photojournalism and Spanish.

At age 2 I took my first international flight to Costa Rica, and 13 years later I returned again. Between these years I visited Alaska, Hawaii, the Western states, the East Coast, British Columbia, Mexico, France, Italy, England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

As I began to study Spanish and grow a passion for the language, I traveled to more Hispanic countries including Panama, Spain and Peru.

This past summer I went on a study abroad trip to Berlin for two weeks. However, I extended the trip so that I could visit Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland and Austria before and after the program was over.

My future travel plans include visiting New York City in October. I am planning on enrolling in a study abroad program either in the spring or summer in order to finish my Spanish minor. Chile, Mexico and Spain are in the running.

Surfers in Munich Girl in field in Switzerland Boat in Lake Titicaca Festival dancers in Peru Reichstag in Berlin Swiss Alps

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