I have been taking pictures since my sophomore year of high school when my mom handed me her 30-year-old Pentax camera. Since then, I have taken an avid interest in photography. I decided to major in photojournalism because UF has one of the top-rated programs and because traveling and documenting stories is my passion.

People, animals, landscapes and architecture all serve as my subjects. My favorite assignments to photograph are usually bright and colorful ones that have clean, defined silhouettes.


In addition to photography, I have always had a strong interest in writing. After my 3rd grade teacher gave me the Best Journal award, I decided I wanted to be a novelist when I grew up. The idea to traveling to foreign countries and writing about the unique people and customs has always interested me.

I have decided that at some point in my life, I would like to write a novel. Maybe I can write a novel about the fantastic adventures and the amazing people that I hope to visit throughout the course of my life. Although photography ultimately played a larger role in my career choice, I am fortunate that I chose a major where I can utilize both my writing and photography skills.


Though I do not usually get to spend much time at the beach since I live in Gainesville now, surfing is still one of my favorite activities. Growing up in St. Augustine, the beach has always been my front yard. I love spending my summer days surfing because there is something very therapeutic and calming about paddling out into the ocean.

Several of my friends argue that lakes and rivers are more calming than the turbulent ocean, but what can be greater than trying to wrestle your way onto an angry ocean swell? The unpredictability of surfing is what keeps my interest alive. No wave is the same, and no session is ever alike. People become addicted to surfing because they want to master the sport. But because of the uncertainty of the waves and tides, it is a nearly impossible feat.

Drawing and Painting

When I have time, I enjoy sketching and painting. This is not often because of my hectic school and work schedule, but every time I pick up a pencil or brush, it seems to calm my nerves. I love how there is no right or wrong answer in art, and that my mind is free to wander to any subject I please.

Some of my favorite mediums to work in include colored pencil, pastels, watercolors, oil paints and charcoal pencils. I also enjoy mixed-media projects where I can incorporate my photography with paint or trinkets or magazine clips.

What I enjoy most about making art is that no one is telling me what I should do, and no one is telling me what is right or wrong. Simply put, I do what I want.

Dancer on the beach

Dance major Brittany Logan stretches on the beach on a sunny afternoon.

Panamanian child by school

A child walks by the school house in the Sanblas Islands in Panama.

Surfer by pier

A surfer evaluates the waves from the boardwalk on St. Augustine beach.

Halina Touchton art

Abstract art by Halina Touchton