Riding waves, moving pens, and playing sports

Boat Off the Beach of Cozumel The mystery of the deep blue sea amazes me. My favorite days involve salt water splashing in my face. I started boating when I was 2 years old. I've traveled throughout the Caribbean fishing, diving, snorkeling and sunning. Hooking a big Mahi Mahi off the coast of the Florida Keys elicits a huge thrill. And hanging with my dad and brothers on our fishing boat only adds to the fun. My favorite snorkeling and diving spot is Staniel Cay, a hidden hideway in the Great Exuma islands of the Bahamas. The Thunderball Grotto, a cave half above water and half below, lies about two miles from the cay. Gargantuan goliath grouper wade on the bottom and orange-and-white clownfish swish their fins closer to the surface. Light peeks through the hole in the cave illuminating bright corals and fish. After a long day of diving or fishing, I enjoy heading back to the marina, cooking my catch and drinking a cold beverage with friends and family.

When I'm not escaping to the Caribbean or somewhere else, I'm usually writing. Writing acts as my psychiatrist. When I put my ideas on paper, I find myself. My career relies on finding and telling stories. This passion compliments my travel passion because both hobbies allow me to meet new people, and uncover interesting cultures.

However, I wouldn't be able to leave my hobbies page without talking about sports. I played competitive softball for more than a decade. The camaraderie of a team environment improved my roles in social, professional and academic life. In addition to playing, I enjoy watching sports. Gator football game days are some of my favorite days of the year. It's hard to beat a day of hanging out with your best friends to cheer on the best team in the nation, but I'm not biased.