Jacquie and I out on the town

I enjoy the nightlife as much as the next guy in his early twenties. Now I'm not in my early twenties anymore, but I'm fine with acting like I am. My girlfriend Jacquie is on board with this strategy. So when our respective graduate/professional programs afford us some time to actually spend together we're not opposed to "doin it up real big."

Florida AP Award: Best Sports Feature

Journalism is another hobby of mine. Many would argue that journalism constitutes my profession, not a hobby, but it really does feel like a hobby sometimes. I've found that the key to blurring the line between job and hobby is loving what you do. I've always been a big sports fan, and I'm lucky enough to cover sports for a living. The quality of the journalism itself escelates when you're interested in the subject matter. Last year I won a Florida Associated Press award for radio feature on the mythic status that Gator quarterback Tim Tebow has attained in Gainesville.


I also enjoy cooking. My mom is a great cook so I grew up eating home-cooked meals that met a very high standard. I'm not half the cook that she is, but I enjoy the improvisational opportunities that cooking allows for. I didn't cook as much when I was single, but having a partner in the kitchen to cook with (and for) makes the process more rewarding.