My favorite place to travel is Atlanta, Georgia. Iím well travelled within the United States, but have never been to another continent, so my choice might seem a bit pedestrian. Neverthless, I maintain that Atlanta is a great place to visit, and itís located right up the road from the University of Florida!

My love for Atlanta was born on annual family vacations over summer breaks while I was growing up. My mom, dad, brother, and I would pack up the van and go on vacations that always involved whitewater rafting, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and of course Atlanta.

Atlanta's Botanical Gardens

Growing up one of my dadís best friendís lived in Atlanta, and now one of my best friendís lives there. Having friends that know you well in a city makes sure that no visit is ever dull. In the "Tips" section Iíll go over some great things to do in the ATL, but no tip is as true as this: If you have a friend that lives in a city youíre going to, tap their brain. Friends tend to know you better than any travel site, and can guide you to hidden gems that youíll appreciate.