Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. -Confucious

I am a senior journalism student at the University of Florida. I hope to pursue a career in entertainment writing, including reviews of bands, restaurants and events.

But as life in the "real world" looms closer, I want to dedicate as much time as possible to the things I love during my senior year. Thankfully, many of those hobbies go hand-in-hand with my career goals as a writer.

From multimedia gathering labs to feature writing courses, the one consistent mantra preached by every journalism professor: read and write every day, and what's best is that you can do both of those things anywhere.


It wasn't until I whole heartedly pursued writing that I began to read every day. Every other month, I would enjoy crawling through a mindless fiction novel about a twenty-something girl tackling a fashion career in Manhattan. However, as I began writing, my taste in literary entertainment evolved. When I began analyzing and critiquing my own writing, I started doing the same to the writing of others as well.

Now, I want to read more non-fiction -- pieces similar to articles I could potentially write. My bedstand and coffee table consistenly teem with newspapers, local culture publications, magazines and non-fiction books. I find myself reading the newspaper with a red pen in hand, trying to hone my editing skills. I cut out articles that speak to me, paste them in a journal and look to them from time to time for inpsiration.

As far as writing goes, neither my mind nor my hand every rests. The more I dive into journalism, the more curious I become. I question everything I see instead of accepting it. Story ideas constantly pop into my mind- my purse, backpack and desk drawers overflow will notes scribbled on napkins and receipts. Sometimes I feel like I have to transcribe my thoughts to paper or the various ideas whirling through my mind could drive me mad. And even though I can easily come up with ideas and gather information, a blank computer screen sometimes seems comparable to standing at the bottom of Mount Everest.

But at the end of the day, there is no better feeling than seeing my name as on the by line for a story worth hours of work and devotion. As one very wise professor once told me, "Writers don't love to write. They love to have written."

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