The one place everyone must visit is Bath, England. If you are over 50 it is paradise. They do have a university there, but mostly the city is retirees or workers who commute. It is absolutely gorgeous there with a population less than 100,000. The historical aspects of it make it fascinating, and the scenery makes it ravishing. A week in a bed and breakfast and sightseeing, will give your heart away to this place. The architecture is lovely, and the food is even better. They do have a nightlife as well, bands play in bars that eventually turn into night clubs.

The city is named Bath, because of the Roman Baths that are there. Now the baths are green and decrepit, but once the springs were thought to have healing elements to them. You can even sample the hot spring water in the Pump Room. This is not green, but only recommended if you desire the experience. Jane Austen, the author of many great novels, used to live there as well. She lived there a span of 5 years, but did not produce any of her great novels while in Bath. However, she does mention Bath in a book or two.

Bath is just a wonderful place to enjoy England outside of busy London and the metropolitan areas.