What to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam often carries the stereotype of being filled with druggies and prostitutes. And while marijuana and the Red Light District are popular attractions, there are many other cultural and just plain excting things to see.

As far as things to see, definitely check out the “I Amsterdam” sign. It’s a great sculptural piece and a great photo opportunity! It’s right across from the Van Gogh Museum, a great escape from the heat if you go in the summer. You may also want to take a trip to the Heineken factory – if only for the free beer.

The Anne Frank House is also a notable stop on your trip. Her story comes to life through the tour, and it really gives you a whole new perspective on the Holocaust and the effect it had on people, Europe and the world.

For more information and some great tips from the locals visit www.amsterdamtourist.nl . It's a great site with lots of information from when the local holidays are, to navigating the train system.

Navigating The City

Being in a foreign country can be scary, especially when a language barrier arises. Amsterdam has a lot to offer, and in most places people speak English or have English translations. However, there are a few phrases that could be helpful, and in turn prompt locals to be more helpful to you.

Helpful Dutch Phrases

(E) Can you help me?

(NL)Kunt u mij helpen?

(E) Where is the hospital?

(NL) Waar is het ziekenhuis?

(E) Can I have a beer?

(NL) Kun ik heb een biertje?

(E) I need a present for my sister.

(NL) Ik neem een cadeau voor mijn zuster.

(E) Yes, thank you.

(NL) Ja, dank u wel.

(E) I'm sorry!

(NL) Het spijt me.

(E) Good afternoon.

(NL) Goede middag.

A more extensive list with audio pronounciations is available at this link.