Playing music on the dock

I have several hobbies, but my most interesting one is my music. I play music with my roommate, and together we are called Oh Well Okay.I am the singer and guitar player. My cohort, Jonathan Stanley, plays guitar, piano and harmonica. We both write music and lyrics.

You can listen to our music on our MySpace page.

I started playing guitar nearly two years ago. Before that, I had been the singer of two other bands during my high school years, although nothing much ever came of either of those ventures. When I began accompanying myself on guitar, my music took a turn for the decidedly more mellow -- my previous two bands were definitely on the hard-rock side.

In the summer of 2007, Jon and I decided to start collaborating as a way to just pass the time. Since then, we've written about 10 songs, seven of which we have recorded. We use a Macbook to record our songs, and the quality is surprisingly good. We have a MySpace page for our band, and we've uploaded several of our songs there.

Walking down the dock, playing music