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Kaela L. Keeley

My 21st Birthday in America's oldest city!

On the most important birthday of my life, I didn't want to go to some lame bar or have a huge kegger, I wanted to visit St. Augustine! My First Drink Not exactly a typical choice, but I like history and I love being a dorky tourist.

So in true dorky tourist fashion, my boyfriend and I visited the Castillo de San Marcos and spent ridiculous amounts on lame knick-knacks. It was actually perfect because it was right before Summer so the mad rush of tourists hadn't quite arrived; it seemed like we were the only non-locals.

Even though I had been to St. Augustine before, a vacation is always a little different when there are cocktails involved. My first (legal) alcoholic beverage was a dirty Ketel One martini at The Milltop Tavern, and to this day, its still my favorite drink.