Kaela L. Keeley

My interests

Besides the normal interests of people my age (television, music and goofing off) I really enjoy tinkering with engines in my spare time. When I was 15, my Dad made a deal with me, if I got good enough grades to get into a good college with a scholarship, he would buy me any car I wanted.

Car Show

Lucky for him I'm a total sucker for classic American muscle (theoretically I could have said I wanted a Porsche 911 Turbo.) So I chose a 1967 Mustang. Of course it wasn't in the greatest shape when we got it, but after 6 years of weekends spent buffing, tightening, painting and replacing parts, my car is finally the polished gem that I always knew it could be.

And so the tradition continued to my brother, who wanted a 1971 Dodge Charger, a very fine choice if you ask me. And now with my brother living only a building away, here in Gainesville, we love cruising around together in our classic head-turners, and even more recently on our gorgeous Victory motorcycles.