Sarah Jones' Travel Tips: Berlin

When You Visit Berlin

If you ever get the chance to travel to Berlin, you should never run out of things to do. If I went back, there are a few things I would be sure to do, and I suggest you check them out yourself.

Fat Tire Bike Tours

Fat Tire, Berlin

When you're in a foreign city, sometimes the only thing you want in the whole world is something, anything, that reminds you of the familiar place you call home. At Fat Tire Bike Tours you are sure to find a friendly face, who speaks English at that. Fat Tire is the perfect destination during your first or second day in the city. They offer informational, informal bike tours for riders of all skill levels during the day, and alternative entertainment (like pub crawls through the city) after hours. When we visited, we met tour guides from Orlando and St. Petersburg, Fla. and had a lot of fun getting to know our overseas neighbors.



One place you should be sure to visit when you're discovering Berlin for yourself is Tacheles, a former department store turned artist's haven. The somewhat imposing building, which I personally have only seen at night, is several stories high and covered in graffiti. To me, it embodies Berlin's colorful culture and eccentric night life perfectly. Inside the building you can find artists displaying and selling their work in a labyrinth of small bars, each with their own atmosphere, strewn together with what seems like miles of staircases. In Tacheles' "back yard" you'll find an array of art-installation pieces that are worth exploring.