Sarah Jones' World Travels: Berlin

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"Ich bin ein Berliner"

("I am a Berliner") --JFK June 26, 1963

Well, in reality, tv tower, East Berlin I'm not. But after the two-weeklong study abroad trip I took to Berlin in May of 2007, Berlin will always have a special place in my heart. I still look back and am baffled at how comfortable I was in a place where I didn't speak a word of the language. I went to Berlin on UF photography professor John Freeman's Berlin study-abroad program.

While in Berlin, we stayed at the Hotel Transit Loft in Prenzlauer Berg. We made the most possible use out of the incredibly convenient public transit there, and traveled all over the city to visit both tourist sites and some destinations off the beaten path. We spent a lot of our time hunting around for feature photos while enjoying Berlin's unique atmosphere and delicious food.

Tram in Berlin

We also each were responsible for completing a SoundSlides photo story on someone living in Berlin. Check out my and my friends' multimedia projects that we completed while staying in the city. My personal project was on Stephanie Kirchner, who worked at TIME magazine with European Bureau Chief Andrew Purvis. Learning how to put audio and photos together was not only fun, but a great learning experience as well.

For highlights and suggestions about what to do while you're in Berlin, check out my travel tips.