Hobbies and Pastimes

At this point in my life, as is true for many others my age, the idea of pastimes are just that--ideas. Usually, my time is more than full of classes, multiple jobs, class readings and of course, homework. Not to mention those other trivial yet necessary things like eating and sleeping. However, if I did have some of this hypothetical "spare" time, I definitely know how I would spend it.


Over the last year, I have written several articles for UF's student-run newspaper, the Independent Florida Alligator. Here are some of my favorites.

Campus Gym Membership Fees--July 2008

Library Floor Renovations--July 2008

South Korean Student Protest--June 2008

Islam Fair--February 2008

Swing Dancing

swing During the summer of 2006, right after I graduated from high school, I was left with a lot of time and very few creative ways to spend it. A friend invited me to a swing dancing lesson in early June, and I was hooked immediately. Ever since then I have been involved in swing, mostly in Tampa and Orlando. The music and the friends I made through dancing are what keep me coming back, even though I don't get to dance often here in Gainesville.


My family and I have been close my whole life, but in the last few years I have acquired several new family members and have done my best to become closer to all of them.

My little brother, DJ, just turned 15 and started his sophomore year of high school at East Lake High this fall. He is in enrolled in the engineering program there and runs cross country and track events. My mom remarried in 2003, bringing older step siblings and their entire families to my ever-growing family. As a result, I am an aunt to two nephews; Elijah, 4 and Jalen, 1; and a niece, Hayley, 3.

My dad married my step mom in 2007, giving me another step brother my own age who recently completed his boot camp training in the Navy. She also brought along aunts, uncles and cousins to add to my blossoming family tree.

My unconventional family structure definitely has its challenges, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.