view from Brasstown Bald trail

The North Georgia area is beautiful, especially in the fall. However, even in summer, temperatures can dip into the 50's at night. Be sure to bring a sweater! In winter there is a chance that snow and ice can prevent you from traveling on the mountainside roads which lead into and out of Blairsville. You should be aware of the forecast and be aware that although snow and ice may not necessarily be a problem in town, when you are traveling on the side of a mountain with no guard rails a little snow could be dangerous.

During the summer there is the Georgia Mountain Fair which takes place in nearby Hiawasee. The fair is a lot of fun and gives you a glimpse into how mountain crafts are made. During the month of October there is the Sorghum Festival at Fort Sorghum. This yearly event celebrates a mountain staple. Sorghum syrup is made from sorghum cane, much like sugar cane syrup is made, and is used on biscuits like maple syrup is used in other parts of the country. The Sorghum Festival has plenty of crafts, contests and plenty of sorghum syrup for sale!

For more information, check out the Blairsville Chamber of Commerce website or Blairsville, Georgia online.