The Bay City

One of my favorite places to visit is San Francisco. sea lions relaxing on a dock In 2007, my older sister Rachel was living there and I visited her for spring break. I loved the architecture, the dramatic views and the fresh weather. I was not so thrilled to hike up and down the hills until I thought my legs would give out.

My favorite day was the time I went to Pier 29 and saw the sea lions. I was lucky enough to watch them for a good half hour. They bickered and played and made noise. I ran out of battery power on my camera from taking so many pictures of them.

We also spent time lounging in the park, eating our way through the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and strolling through Berkeley. I also got to meet my sister’s friends and spend time with her leopard gecko, Leonard. Her apartment was in the Mission so I could walk to a BART station.

At Least I Didn't Get Strep Throat

In 2008, I visited Rachel again. By this time she had moved to Colorado Springs. I had fun wandering around and playing with her new cat, Clover, but spent three days in bed with strep throat. Even though Colorado was beautiful, I still prefer San Francisco because, well, at least I didn't get strep throat there.