Laura Jervis, hobbies

Jane Austen, Jane Austen and More Jane Austen

I spend most of my limited free time relaxing The Jane Austen shelf of my bookcase, complete with action figure in front of the television or with a book. My favorite author is Jane Austen. Her books are substantive yet approachable. I find something new every time I read one of her novels. They always cheer me up when I’m having a bad day. I have all of her books, her unfinished works and juvenilia and her letters. I love her subtle humor, her irony and her observations on human nature.

Elephant is "Tembo" in Swahili

I like collecting figures of my favorite animal, the elephant. They are strong, smart and sensitive. They live in matriarchal societies. Also, the African elephant’s habitat includes Kenya and Tanzania, where Swahili is widely spoken.

So far, I have a plastic elephant I keep for good luck and three decorative elephants around my home. I'm always expanding my collection.