1. Secure your bike. This town is full of thieves. During my first year of college, some jerk stole my bike and (I guess) was able to live with himself. Maybe he needed it more than I did. But if you have a bike, you must secure the frame, the front tires, and the back tires. A big chain with a lock will work. The best thing to do is to take your bike is fine. During my junior year, my bike was secure, but someone still found something to rip off...my bike seat.
  2. Satchel's Pizza is a really good restaurant. So is The Mellow Mushroom.
  3. The Burger King on Archer will serve you if you walk through the drive-through, which is open 24/7. There's your midnight snack even if you can't drive.
  4. There are lots of places to volunteer around here. You can even get hours by holding babies with Shands Infant Cuddlers. The University of Florida holds a volunteer fair every semester.
  5. Don't park anywhere accept places you are sure you are allowed to park. You will get towed.
  6. Don't live at Greenwich Green. My roommates and I had problems there, and there are dead frogs in the pool.
  7. Don't give money to the homeless. It's illegal.
  8. Drive down to Tampa or somewhere to shop. Everything here is picked over. If you have a shopping day, spend it on a weekend elsewhere.
  9. Find out where things are early. There are a lot of fun things to do around here.
  10. If you get a terrible roommate, find a place to spend most of your time. One peaceful place is at the top of the stadium at UF when there is no game. I like to go at sunset. But be careful, because a girl was attacked there once. This is also a good place to jog.
  11. If UF wins a championship game, don't even try to sleep. You're much better off getting up and joining in.

The University of Florida is the center of Gainesville. Even if you are going to Santa Fe Community College, you should check UF out and see what is going on there. University of Florida Official Web site