The bulk of my time is not spent in school or work.

Volunteering: Haven Hospice

Athletic pursuits: Running, leisurely swimming, Japanese karate, waterskiing, snowskiing, and other outdoor activities.

Studies outside of school: I am learning Russian, studying the Bible, and learning to play the bass guitar. I also like to watch the news.

Goals: trying to get "The Dark Knight" to beat Titanicís national gross and trying to eat three crackers without water in under two minutes

Time wasters: Facebook, playing with my dog, making forts in my apartment way past the adult age and living in them until whatever clean freak Iím currently living with makes me take them down.

Favorite places to go: I enjoy theatre and concerts, going to see movies, and the beach.

Organizations: I am a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority at UF.

Dislikes: cell phones, shopping, and clubbing

TV shows I watch: "LOST," "24," "Scrubs," and "The Office."

Favorite movies: the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, "The Shawshank Redemption," and "Fight Club."

Favorite books: "The Brothers Karamazov," the Harry Potter series, the "Dark Tower" series, "The Screwtape Letters," and books by Rob Bell.

Favorite bands: "Switchfoot," "Flyleaf," and "The Who."

Future Plans: I might join the peace corps or the Navy, go to law school, teach English overseas, work at Flexstake, Inc., write, do real estate, go to seminary or do public relations. We'll see! It might not be any of those. I'm open to anything. I've learned I'm happy just about anywhere.