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Columbus' ship

If you are ever visiting Seville in southern Spain there are a couple of places you should stop by, some for the culture, others for the fun. Here we are at the port where Columbus was sent out. Sadly, these are just ship replicas.

As far as the night-life in the city, Buddah Bar is my personal favorite. This upscale night club boasts two separate dance floors, a beautiful outside terrace that overlooks the city, and a lavish hookah lounge. Catedral is another nice club, which has a large white couch-bed perfect for relaxing after a long night of dancing. Be prepared to stay up late, no one even goes out until midnight and they are known to party until eight in the morning.

For a quieter evening in the city, La Cerveceria Internacional is a great bar with many drink options from around the world. The nice part about Seville is that though it is the fourth largest city in Spain, it is very easy to make friends with bartenders and locals who always recognize a familiar face. Additional study abroad information.