overlooking Toledo

My study abroad experience quickly established that Spain is my favorite place that I have been lucky enough to visit. I recommend the trip to anyone interested in beautiful history and vibrant culture, but all of Europe can be costly, so plan wisely.

Traveling to Spain was part of my Spanish-learning efforts, which rage on, and it really did help. I was in Seville, Spain for six weeks but we were able to travel the whole country during weekend excursions and travel days we built onto the beginning and end of the trip. I would go back immediately if I weren't currently in school, and poor. Get travel tips for Seville here.

I have also been able to travel to Ghana, Africa in the past, staying for two months during that trip and getting to do missions with the PIONEERS organization. That trip has by far been the most life-altering traveling experiences I have had and I learned all about the joys of minimalism in our materialistic age, and more importantly, about the need for Christ in the global community. Learn more about PIONEERS missions here.