swing-dancing with Sam

Dancing is always the first thing that comes to mind when asked about my hobbies. Whenever music starts to play, I find myself always moving to it in some form or fashion. I have had the opportunity to travel around to different parts of the world, and each time I do, I find myself enamored with the way people dance together and the way this allows them to express themselves. Dancing helps me clear my mind and get lost in the music, while still allowing myself to enjoy my company and even get in some exercise. From line-dancing to swing-dancing, rap music to salsa music, I just love a good dance.

Another stress-reliever of mine is volleyball. I prefer indoor to sand volleyball, but if there is a ball to be hit around, I am surely going to be a part of the action.

My most secretive of hobbies is painting. It is secretive in the sense that many people don't know I paint, because I only do so during times when things are still and I can relax. Those times don't happen much, but it is nevertheless one of my favorite things to do on a peaceful night.