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I am 21 years old and am in my last year at the University of Florida. I work best when I am pursuing something that I really care about and believe in. I help lead Campus Crusade for Christ on the UF campus, the biggest organization on campus with over 600 members. Jesus Christ is the focus of this ministry on campus, and also happens to be the focus of my life as well. If I weren't to include him in my identity then I would be all but lying about myself. My blog offers more information about me.

My life has been full of amazing experiences and lessons learned. Though it is counter cultural, I have learned to value the truth I offer the world and am excited to graduate and continue influencing a hurting world. I have been blessed with family and friends that never fail to express their love to me. With all gratitude I can securely say that I like who I am, and with graduation around the corner I plan on using my degree in public relations and my minor in spanish to communicate with and influence the world. I thought this an appropriate venue for humbly sharing more about who I am and what I enjoy. I am not a statistic, nor am I just another page on the web, but I am a child of God who could not be more satisfied with my life and the joy I have. Feel free to explore the site, and thus, my life.