About Me

I was that annoying kid who always asked why and then, when given an answer, asked, "but, why?" Despite often throwing my parents and grandparents into a metaphyscial crisis, I somehow made it past the age of 5. I've also always been fascinated with words.

Me listening to the Ocean

"I can spell poop," I said proudly to my grandfather on the way to swimming lessons. I was about 4.

"Yeah, really," he said, "how do you spell that?"

"P-O-P," I replied, with utmost confidence.

Of course, that isn't the correct spelling, but it demonstrates the kind of things my mind was working at from the very beginning. My grandfather didn't have the heart to correct me, mainly because he was laughing, but I also think this shows the kind of love and support that has always surrounded me. Now, I'm 20 years old and find myself at the University of Florida where my extreme curiousity and love of letters have driven me to pursue a double-major in journalism and English.

My Family

I'm the middle child in a family of five. My sisters' names are Amanda and Amara, which made things very confusing growing up. I am close to both of them, despite each of us living in different cities now. I lived with them and my parents (and our two dogs, Butchy and Coco) in Tampa, Fla., in the same house all of my life before moving to Gainesville. There was never a quiet moment in the Harnish Household. My Dad was always "bothering" us girls with his corny, overused jokes and incessant tickling. My Mom was always scolding us, Dad included, for playing when we should have been doing homework. She is the reason for my success. Both of my parents, Kim and Jay, continue to be my support and inspiration. When I was a senior in High School my dad received a life-saving liver and kidney transplant after waiting almost three years. We were blessed with an entire year of health before my Dad's Hepatitis C attacked his body again, and he passed away this summer. Even though I miss him terribly, I'm happy to be back at school because I know it's where he'd want me to be right now. Above is a picture taken the summer after Daddy's transplant. Right-to-left: Me, Kim, Jay, Amara, Amanda, and Cade, my sister's boyfriend.

When I'm not sitting with my laptop perusing facebook or getting lost in the blogosphere, I'm usually doing school work, blogging for the Independent Florida Alligator, writing for INsite Magazine or working at McAlister's Deli on Archer Rd. I rarely have spare time and I suffer from an unhealthy attachment to my planner, but luckily, my friends still tolerate me. In my free time, I like getting dressed up and going out on the town, tailgating for gator games, sitting outside on the patio with my roomie, and chatting with my boyfriend who lives in New York City. Long distance sucks, but I do get to visit him occasionally.