Here are some you have to see if you go to China.

In Beijing

There are several famous Chinese areas. I mention Beijing first because it's the capital and contains a lot of Chinese history.

The first place where most people want to go is the Great Wall of China. It stretches almost 3,000 miles, the distance from Atlanta, Ga. to L.A. The Wall stretches across the northern part of the country and is China's most infamous man-made structure.

Tiananmen Square is an open sqaure in downtown Beijing. It's a public square in the center of government buildings and is accross the street from the Forbidden City. It is most famous for the protest that took place in 1989. Thousands of Chinese students gathered to protest Chinese government policy in an attempt to promote democracy. A famous man, stood in front of a line of tanks and is often associated with Tiananmen. It is a place of incredible history and should certainly be visited while in China.

Forbidden City is another tourist destination. It used to be the old Chinese Emperor's home. It is filled with temples and buildings made of solid gold. It had been under renovation for years, and was finally completed just in time for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Hong Qiao is one of the most famous shopping districts in all of Beijing. It holds a very prominant pearl market where one can find beautiful pearls for less than half the cost that it would be in the U.S. The market also sells things like clothes, purses, shoes and food. Shoppers can bargain and haggle until they walk away with a steal.

Finally, a tourist has to visit the Wang Fu Jing district. It is also famous for shopping, but no haggling goes on at Wang Fu Jing. There is a famous book store that reaches 6 floors high and has every book imaginable in Mandarin, as well as English.

Outside of the Capital

There are several other areas of China that are special tourist attractions.

Southern China is known for its beauty. The Yunnan province is particularly special. It is known for its rice fields and its flowers. Many of the minority people groups live in smaller cities throughout the rest of the country, so Dali is often has festivals celebrating the ancestry of the Bai people.

Xian is located in northcentral China. It holds the Terracotta Warrior tomb, where thousands of soldiers from ancient China were burried. What makes it so unique is that it wasn't discovered until 1974.

Finally, there is the Chinese island of Hainan. It is a far more tropical destination. Tourists may feel more like they're in Hawaii than in China. Nontheless, it is warm year-round, not as industrialized as other provinces may be, but still has the richness of Chinese culture.