The Life of Ashley Gerlach

I have been able to experience so many things. Here are just a few things that make my life more interesting.


In true Gator fashion, I pretty much enjoy any orange and blue sport. I'm a football fanatic, but my love of sports extends far beyond the pig skin.

In high school I played basketball and volleyball. My dad is a sports fanatic so being an athlete was a must.

"Sports build character and teach discipline," he would always say.


I love to travel. I've been to Africa, South America, Europe, and all over Asia. My family used to live in China, so while we were there I experienced a completely different culture. It was my first love. Ever since, I haven't been the same. Sometimes I feel like I have two different people inside of myself. There's the American version of who I am, and then there's the Chinese version of myself.

There's something about leaving the United States for the first time; it's terrifying and inspiring. I have this theory that if every college student was required to live in a third-world country for a year, a lot of problems in our society could be minimized. Like I said, it's just a theory.


I work at the West End Golf Course as one of the beverage cart attendants. Basically, that makes me a cart girl. Most people would think that work has little or nothing to do with hobbies, but I actually love my job. I get paid to ride around on a golf cart and sell people drinks and snacks. I'm not going to lie, it's pretty entertaining.

Other Things That Make Me Happy

My boyfriend works at a church in Avon Park, Fla. I'm not able to go see him often, but when I can, I love spending time with the youth that he works with. They are so exciting. When I spend time with them I forget about some of the stupid things that get under my skin, and for a little while all that matters is that I'm in middle schoolagain.

I'm a Floridian, born and raised, so I love the beach! I grew up on the water and every chance I got I was in a bikini. I would literally leave class after my freshman year of high school, walk across the street and I was on the ocean. In fact, the hardest part about moving overseas was not being able to feel the sand squish between my toes.