Travelling Around

Why travelling, I don’t know. I guess I travel for travel's sake.

Strictly speaking, I am now traveling, during the longest and farthest trip ever in my life, from my home country to a totally new place with a different language, different people and different cultures.

Growing up in China, I’ve been to many provinces and various attractive places there. Particularly, I love mountains in China. We have five most famous mountains, the so-called “Five Peaks”: Mt. Tai, Mt. Heng, Mt. Hua, Mt. Hen, and Mt. Song. But my favorite is Mt. Huang, which can be translated as “Yellow Mountain.” However, it is not yellow at all. I love it because it is glamorous and mysterious.

Mt. Huang Mt in clouds

I went to the East Coast, New York, Boston, and the D.C., for my first Christmas in the U.S. The most recent, and probably my favorite, trip was during the spring break this year, when I went to the Caribbean with my friends. I saw the most beautiful ocean ever in my life there and enjoyed a lot of delicious food on cruise. San Juan, St. Maartin and St. Thomas are the three islands we visited.

St. Maartin St. Thomas

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