My Biography

My name is Fangfang Gao.

I was born in Hangzhou, a southern city about two hours away from Shanghai. It is a really nice and peaceful city, which is famous for the West Lake and known as the “paradise city” in China. I spent my first 23 years there without getting tired of it.

West Lake Zhejiang University

Plus the beautiful lake scenes, my home city has a top-three university in China, Zhejiang University, where I earned my Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Journalism and Communications as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Economics. After graduation, I worked for the city government for one year and suddenly realized I should find out what the outside world is like. So, I came here, the University of Florida, in 2005 to further my study on Journalism.

Now I am a first-year Ph.D. student of journalism. My research interests include online journalism, new media and technology, media effects and global communication. Here is my curriculum vitae (51KB pdf).