Fangfang Gao - Welcome to My Little World
Fangfang Gao

Hello! My name is Fangfang Gao, a Ph.D. student studying journalism at University of Florida. I am from China, the People's Republic of China. The 2008 Olympic Games was held this August in Beijing, the capital of my home country.

Ever since I was here in the U.S., many people asked me the same question: Why do you study journalism? I understand their thinking, because China and the U.S. are so different in cultures, political systems, languages etc. Journalism is such a culture-based and political-related subject that it seems my experiences in China cannot always be applied to my study here and the knowledge and perspectives I get in America will not fit in the reality of China. However, I still enjoy my study. Opposite standings, sometimes, can bring people deep understanding of the world.

Here, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as well as my home country, China.