My dreams and aspirations

Post-college plans

I am graduating in the spring and although I have everything planned out for the next couple of years, life is unpredictable and who knows where it will take me. After a not so pleasant encounter with the MCAT (medical college admission test) this past summer, I decided to postpone medical school for a year to retake the test and apply to schools with a better score under my belt. During the gap year, I am planning on getting a special masters certificate in biomedical sciences. If I decide to stay two years, then I will get my full masters. The classes I will be taking in the program, which is offered at several universities and tailored to post-graduate pre-medical students, are similar to the classes I would take as a first-year medical student. Therefore, if I do well enough I might gain automatic admission to a particular medical school and even be able to skip my first year once I'm in. Even though I didn't plan for things to go this way, I think it has worked out for the best. I basically get a no-strings-attached opportunity to try out medical school for a year and decide if I really want to dedicate my life to medicine or maybe there is some other way to channel my passion for health.

Far into the future

me on a medical mission trip in Belize

I often get asked why I chose to major in journalism if I want to be a doctor. They seem like an unlikely pair, but I couldn't disagree more. Medical journalism is becoming a prominent field because more people want to take charge of their health and be more knowledgeable about medical practices. The media are the gatekeepers of information and how they perceive something is how the public perceives it. They have this important role yet so many journalists are not trained to translate complicated medical jargon into layman's terms. It is not their fault, but it is something that must be fixed. Doctors and patients rely on journalists to get accurate information out there. Both doctors and journalists are communicators and the merging of the two fields seems only natural for the informed, health-conscious society of the future.

Down the road, I want to practice pediatrics at my own private practice and make as many kids feel better as I can. At some point I also want to join Doctors Without Borders and travel the world giving free healthcare to those who need it the most. Eventually I want to become a medical writer for a newspaper or other publication and promote health awareness. Then I want to join the World Health Organization (WHO) and work to improve international health and slow the spread of disease. Between all of that I want to get married, have lots of kids, take care of my parents, learn more languages, travel, go parasailing, watch Wimbledon live at center court, go on safari, ride a camel and see the pyramids in Egypt, run a marathon for charity, visit holy places and ancient temples in India, swim with dolphins, and so much more. Whew that's a lot, but I think I can do it all.

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