Welcome, friend.

Be here now (or whenever you can afford the gas)

This is a shuk, or marketplace, in Israel

The world is huge. But thank God, thank Science, thank Whomever, today, we have the ability to see and be a part of that world. All of it. During my short jaunt through consciousness, I've traveled to a few places. One of those places is Israel. Go there. There are snow-capped mountains in the north. There are oases in the desert in the south. There are thousands of years of intense history being chronicled and intensified to this day. Israel is a beautiful, thriving, vibing place. Be there now.

If you can't go there now or aren't convinced that it's a good idea, I'll tell you a bit about my experiences there.

Israel is located in the Middle East, a hot bed of culture and conflict, spirituality and secularity, extreme poverty and exorbitant wealth. Some say that Israel is the birthplace of civilization and everything that comes with that. They may be wrong. I'm not sure. But I am positive about one thing. Israel is hot and it is alive.

This tiny strip of land (it's about the size of New Jersey and you can travel from its northernmost point to its steamy southern tip in less than a day) is packed with history and sites to see. But, like I said, it's not all shattered bones and crumbling scrolls. Israeli society today is at the forefront of scientific development and its done stunning things with the arts, too.

And though Israel seems to be in constant conflict, traveling through the country is actually quite safe. For one, most of the Israelis you pass in the street were trained and served in the Israeli army. If you don't see a gun slung around one of their shoulders, chances are they've got something concealed somewhere. Terrorist attacks do happen. But, if you follow the news, you know it's often a regular citizen who stops assaults before they get more out of control. Any place where people gather in Israel has tight security (compared to the US, at least). At malls, concerts, outside markets ("shuk" in Hebrew) sometimes even parks, a security guard will wand you after you walk through a metal detector. It may seem like a lot. Too much even. Yet, Israelis are confronted with the reality of being surrounded by hostile neighbors (Iran, Syria, Lebanon, etc.) every day and this is how they live.

In the "Tips" section of my site, I provide suggestions for where to go and what to do when and if you go to the Holy Land. Safe travels and as they say in Israel, "b'hatzlacha!" (good luck!).