Things I like to do.

Grandpa Edwin and I jamming at the Fleet Family Reunion '08

Taking things apart, putting them back together, fixing things, building things. These aren't my hobbies. Don't get me wrong. When I was a kid, I loved to take apart old computers or toys or anything I could get my hands on. The problem, and I think the reason why these aren't things that I do today, was that I could never get those same taken-apart things to work again. I was, and still am, a curious soul, but I realized at some point that that sort of thing just wasn't my bag. So, if I don't build model planes and if I'm not typing now on a homemade computer, what is it that I do do?

Well, I like words. And sounds. And I like the sounds that certain words make when placed next to other words. And I like the words that certain sounds make when you least expect it.

I like to write; everything from poetry to fiction to true stories about people who interest me. My interest in writing brought me to study journalism at the University of Florida. It's allowed me to contribute to publications in Gainesville, Fla. like Satellite Magazine, the Alligator and The SHPiEL. Speaking of The SHPiEL, my writing had also brought me to editordom for that paper. Over the years at UF, I slowly climbed the ladder and now I am The SHPiEL's editor-in-chief, somehow.

I don't get to write as much now. But I still get to work with words. Correcting how others have spelled them, reworking their order, making sure they fit correctly with the other grammatical parts around them. It's gotten so that I find errors in The New York Times and other major US publications. My editor's eye, still growing and forming though it may be, is both a blessing and a curse. I think.

So, what else? I've been playing guitar ever since I exhumed my mom's from the closet back in middle school. I guess you could say one of my hobbies is getting together with friends and making music. I live in a house now with guitars and hand drums, an old-school organ and a keyboard, a couple banjos a mandolin. Things get loud. But that's the way I like it. And not only do my roommates not mind, they partake in the noise with me.

Reading. Drawing. Coloring. Eating. Those are also hobbies of mine. I think I have an infatuation with creation. And rhyming. That's fun, too.