If eyes are the window to the soul, to what is a Web site a window?

Me at The Real Big Deal music festival. 
That's a glowstick in my beard.

Well, probably not to the soul. Maybe it's a window to the brain. To the Top 10 most-fired synapses. Because, if this is a site about my interests and such, I've clearly chosen to write about the things of which I most often think. My troddenest-neural paths. My most grooved-in (groovy?) thought-trains about things are traveling on these pages.

So, This is a little late-summer (October is still late summer in Florida, right?) home of mine on the Web. It is small. There are things on the floor. The doors creak. It has no a/c. But it is cozy.

Come in. Make yourself at home. Learn about me. My hobbies, travels and travails. Please, give me your coat. Would you like some tea?