secluded village in Tulum, Mexico picture of me a couple of weathtered beach chairs solitary boat on the beach

Always too short ...

Travel, it's the stuff that memories are made of. Spending days away from the norm, getting baked on a distant, picture-perfect beach while sipping on frozen slush. We skeme, plan and wait, but it always seems like time hits fast forward when we get to those much-needed days of soothing relaxation.

Of the places that I've visited, mainly Europe and Mexico, I believe that the latter feels a little more like a break from the norm. Don't get me wrong, Paris is breathtaking, and the French countyside, well, it's like a postcard at 130 km/h. However, Mexico still has that old country feel. I don't know whether it's the starke fear of mistakingly drinking their water or the enthrallment of watching a matador matched against a raging bull, but the Mexican experience is undeniabily unique and foriegn.

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