secluded village in Tulum, Mexico picture of me a couple of weathtered beach chairs solitary boat on the beach

So, you're thinking you might visit Mexico

Well, first you'll have to dust off that passport. Otherwise, you probably won't make it out of the airport. I'll be honest, that's probably the worst part of a trip to Mexico. It seems like they make their airports as unhospitable as possible, just to make sure you enjoy what's outside a little more.

Passport, check.

Next, you'll probably want to have a little cash on hand. In Mexico, a little green goes a long way. And don't expect to use the credit card at many places other than banks and bigger stores. Throughout much of the country, alley markets and sidewalk vendors sell a lot of the crap that people love to bring back to the states and proudly display all over their house. Just carry a little cash, because when you see those hand-made goodies, you're gonna want some.


Phone: 352-209-2096


Map of Tulum, Mexico

(above)This image gives a nice layout of where Tulum is placed in Mexico with respect to the rest of the country.

(below) If you get a chance to wander away from the tourist section of Cancun, the real city is home to a bull fighting arena. It's one of only a few places in the world where you can see this happen

Bull fighter in Cancun, Mexico