Gabrielle Falconeiri's Hobby

Come into my kitchen.

One of my favorite things to do is cook. I always grew up with home-cooked meals at dinnertime and I think that has helped me appreciate what kind of affect a delicious meal has on a person. Food to me is more than something that simply nourishes the body; it is a way of creating atmosphere. I think this attitude about food comes to me from my paternal grandparents who were traditional Italians.our fridge Every Sunday, even after she was grown and living on her own, my grandmother would go to her parents’ house for a pasta dinner with the rest of her sisters and brother. This tradition was more about them spending quality time together than it was about eating dinner.

Although I can't quite replicate the Sunday dinners that my grandmother had when she was growing up, I try to cook dinner with my roommates multiple times each week. I tend to favor Italian recipes, but love to learn about other kinds of ethnic foods and try new things.

The Internet has made becoming a good cook very simple. Before the Internet was readily available, people had to have space for individual cookbooks depending on the style of food they wanted to make. Nowadays there are thousands of recipes on every genre of food only a click away. The Food Network Web site is a great place to find a wide variety of recipes from well-known and experienced chefs. Most of the recipes have difficulty ratings and estimates on the length of preparation. If some of these recipes seem intimidating another good Web site is , which allows people to submit their favorite family recipes. These recipes tend to be a little more beginner friendly and feature ingredients that are more familiar to everyday cooks.

These are a few of my favorite recipes: