Mohican Bridge

My Hometown

I have and always will love the one place I call home. That is, Galion, Ohio.
Galion is a little town full of industrial companies. Or it was, a few years back. If you go to the town today, the once thriving community is now full of broken down power plants. It still is a beautiful place, where evergreens and holly trees reside. My favorite time to visit Galion is during Christmas time, because the downtown streets are always lit up and the ground always glitters with snow. Lion Falls
There is a place close to Galion called Mohican State Park. There are two waterfalls at the Mohican, and there are many different kinds of trails for every type of person. There are plenty of picnic tables and grills by the river that runs through the park. It is a wonderful place to have picnics and family days during the summer months!