Holly Downs

Who am I?

I am a twenty-one year old senior psychology major going for a Bachelor's in Science. I'm not really sure what I want to obtain my Master's degree in, but hopefully I will figure that out soon enough. I am from Galion, Ohio; and yes, my family loves the Ohio State Buckeyes! I have lived in Florida for ten years, and before I came to Gainesville, I lived in Panama City, Florida. I knew I would come to the University of Florida when I was in tenth grade of high school. My counselor told me about the school (of course she is an alumni to UF) and I fell in love with the setting. Holly and Oscar
I hope to go back to Ohio for graduate school because I am also an Ohio State fan. I am also very familiar with Columbus. I plan to one day own two sister drug rehabilitation clinics sometime in the future. In all truth, I have no clue what else to write because, well, I am not sure myself. Am I in an identity vs. inferiority stage? I'm not really sure about that either. Although I will say that personality tests tell me I am like a chameleon, which probably isn't any help in trying to find "me" in the world. :)