When I'm not extremely busy with school, I keep myself even busier with extracurricular activities.

I am very active in my church group at University City Church of Christ, Gators for Christ. We are a Christian group of about 80 members that focuses on college ministry and strives to serve and glorify God in all that we do. We specifically focus on evangelism, spiritual development, fellowship and service. Through campus ministry, we hope to reach even more people who need the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. GFC hangs out with children at after-school facility in Homestead

Every second Thursday of the month, we serve dinner to the homeless at the St. Francis House in downtown Gainesville, Fla. On the fourth Thursday of the month, we go into the community and build wooden wheelchair ramps for those who need alternate access into their homes. Gators for Christ takes a jumping photo in Miami

In addition to service projects, we have men's and women's Bible studies every Thursday night. I currently lead the women's study, and we are following a book by Michael Green called "Sharing Your Faith with Friends and Family." Bible study is usually the highlight of my week because I really enjoy spending time with all of my sisters in Christ and being very open and honest with each other. We usually go through a chapter of the book each week and then discuss it. We pray together and invest in each others' lives.

Christina, Ana, Caitlin and Kelly enjoying the football game I am also a member of the University of Florida Pride of the Sunshine Fightin' Gator Marching Band. This is my third year in the ensemble, and I am a section leader for the piccolos. With the band, I have had the opportunity to attend every Florida home football game since my freshman year. I've also been to a few away games including Georgia (in Jacksonville), Florida State, South Carolina, and most recently, Tennessee.

As a freshman, I traveled to Arizona for the 2006 NCAA Football National Championship, where I got to march on the field and support the Gators to a national title victory.