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I am Donna Z. Davis, a woman on a great life adventure. In addition to working on a PhD in Mass Communications at the University of Florida, I am currently working as host and senior producer of Family Album Radio. Family Album is a two-minute daily radio program based on current family social science research. I've learned a great deal about the diversity of families not only in this amazing country, but around the world as a result of almost five years of writing for the program.

I am what you call a life-long-learner... that means I'm older than most of my student peers. I've had a great career and have raised a family, including three wonderful grown children. As my children grew up and "flew the nest," I decided to take my interest in families and relationships and study the powerful influence new media technologies are having on the way we communicate. My PhD research is on interpersonal and mass communications in virtual worlds with a focus on how trust is developed in this new and relatively uncharted territory. All this work has led me to dream about the old days, when I actually had hobbies and time to travel.