I fully admit that I am a cat lady.

It began during the summer of 2006 when I was reporting on a story for Prof. Mike Foley's reporting class. I was previewing a fundraiser for Gainesville Pet Rescue, so I decided to stop by and talk to the director.

I visited a few times to speak to her, and every time, I couldn't help but play with a particularly adorable, tiny orange kitten.

After I wrote and turned in the story, I borrowed $100 from my roommate, went back to the rescue, adopted the kitten and named him The Juggernaut.

A year later, my sister moved in with me when she started college. Because I was spending a lot of time at the Alligator and my sister was spending a lot of time in the library, we decided to get a second cat to keep Jugg company.

We went back to GPR where my sister adopted the most awkward frog-faced kitten I had ever seen.

Eventually, her cat (Baby Cat) grew into his face and now he and The Jugg have loads of fun play fighting when Jill and I aren't home.

Sometimes, we're lucky enough to catch it on video as you can see from this clip my sister recorded with her phone.

Cat fight! from Jessie DaSilva on Vimeo.